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Episode 17 - Starting a Cybersecurity Career plus Insight for Employers

The guys talk with Haidon Storro, who brings a different point of view to the conversation. Haidon is an exceptionally motivated cybersecurity professional who recently graduated college and started her career. She shares her journey from finding a passion in technology, to getting educated and finding her first full time role in the industry. It's a highly competitive market for finding talent and Haidon insights are critical for employers to understand when trying to recruit junior team members.

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Episode 16 - Everybody Loves Cybersecurity Compliance!

Compliance. It's not the most attractive topic to discuss but for most organizations, it's a necessity. This week, the guys discuss compliance obstacles and pitfalls, how to overcome them, plus the investment that provides the biggest returns when it comes to cybersecurity compliance. Whether you're faced with PCI, CMMC, SOC 2 audits, GDPR, CCPA, or any other set of requirements, the fundamentals are the same and this episode is for you.

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Episode 15 - Are we Losing the Cyber War?

Are we losing the war against cyber crime? What does winning look like? Where does the U.S. stand on a global spectrum of cyber protection? This week the guys discuss these alarming yet valid concerns.

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Episode 14 - Building and Keeping your Cybersecurity Team

How do you find the right people when other companies can pay them more? How do you make your rock stars want to stay? Does it make sense to hire a Senior VP of IT when they will also be handling the help desk function? What about entry-level staff running critical functions? 

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