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Episode #44: What Is Silent Sector?

This week the guys share what Silent Sector is all about, from the origins of the company to what makes the services and methodologies stand apart. The guys share their "why" behind what they do and what they are working to change in the world of cybersecurity. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to know about Silent Sector at a deeper level.

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Mike's Headlines:

This New Android Malware Gets Full Control of Your Phone to Steal Passwords and Info

150 Million Google User Accounts Will Automatically Be Enrolled Into 2FA

Telco Service Provider Giant Syniverse Had Unauthorized Access Since 2016

 New UEFI Bootkit Used to Backdoor Windows Devices Since 2012

New Python Ransomware Targets Virtual Machines, ESXi Hypervisors to Encrypt Disks

New U.S. Government Initiative Holds Contractors Accountable for Cybersecurity

Ransomware Law Would Require Victims to Disclose Ransom Payments Within 48 Hours

New Cybersecurity Regulations Released by TSA for Trains and Planes

The Same Flaw That Took Down Facebook Can Threaten the United States — Or Your Business

Twitch Data Breach Updates: Login Credentials or Card Numbers Not Exposed

Microsoft Fixes Bug Blocking Azure Virtual Desktops Security Updates

Patch Apache HTTP Servers Now to Avoid Zero Day Exploit 

Emerging Trends from a Year of Cybersecurity Threats