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Episode #45 - Cyber Crime - Do People Care?

There is a lot of news about cyber attacks but the big question is, "Do people actually care?" This week the guys rant about cyber crime and how it affects people and companies who often don't care until it's too late. Through real-life examples, horror stories, and tips to help you stay protected, this episode is not one to miss! 

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Mike's Headlines

New Bill to Require Cyber Attack Reporting in the US
US Gov’t Mandating a Zero-Trust Approach for Software Supply Chains
CISA Names 3 ‘Exceptionally Dangerous’ Behaviors to Avoid


Data Masking Is the Answer to a Data Breach

AWS IAM and Cross Account Attacks

Android Privacy Issues Were Discovered in a New Study
State-Sponsored Iranian Hackers Uploaded Fake Vpn App to Google’s Play Store, Posed as University Officials
This New Ransomware, Dubbed Yanluowang, Encrypts Your Data and Makes Some Nasty Threats, Too
7-Eleven Breached Customer Privacy by Collecting Facial Imagery Without Consent

Analyzing Email Services Abused for Business Email Compromise