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Episode #64 - Healthcare Cybersecurity and the Wonders of HIPAA Compliance

This week, the guys discuss healthcare cybersecurity. From medical facilities and laboratories, to MedTech, benefits companies, and healthcare services firms, the medical world faces its own set of challenges. The guys share thoughts and strategies around HIPAA cybersecurity compliance, dealing with deprecated medical technologies, and assessment practices to protect your healthcare company.

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Mike's Headlines:

49% of Small Medical Practices Don’t have a Cyberattack Response Plan
Security Flaws Found in 82% of Public Sector Software Applications

NSA Employee Indicted for Sending Classified Data Outside the Agency

Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, VPNs Vulnerable to OpenSSL Bug
Nearly 40% of Macs Left Exposed to 2 Zero-Day Exploits

VMware Addressed Several Critical Vulnerabilities in Multiple Products

Ukraine Spots Russian-Linked 'Armageddon' Phishing Attacks
MailChimp Breached, Intruders Conducted Phishing Attacks Against Crypto Customers
Germany Shuts Down Russian Hydra Darknet Market; Seizes $25 Million in Bitcoin
Identity Fraud Skyrockets as Hackers Stick to Pre-Pandemic Techniques
American Express Down in Outage: Users Report Login and Payment Issues