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Episode #69 - News, Notes, and... Goodwill Hacking?

This week, the guys reconvene after a mini-hiatus and talk about some topics and tips in the news today such as 

  • Goodwill Ransomware Hacking
  • Safe Browsing - the hidden dangers people need to know
  • A word to the wise about Wordpress (even though they supposedly "don't talk about wordpress")

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Ransomware Attacks Need Less Than Four Days to Encrypt Systems

ChromeLoader Browser Hijacker Provides Gateway to Bigger Threats
3.6M MySQL Servers Found Exposed Online
SideWinder Hackers Plant Fake Android VPN app in Google Play Store

Autonomous Vehicles can be Tricked into Erratic Driving Behavior
Clipminer Malware Gang Stole $1.7M by Hijacking Crypto Payments
Critical UNISOC Chip Vulnerability Affects Millions of Android Smartphones
China-Linked TA413 Group Actively Exploits Microsoft Follina Zero-Day Flaw
Microsoft Office Apps are Vulnerable to IDN Homograph Attacks
Microsoft Shares Mitigation for Office Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks
$39.5 Billion Lost to Phone Scams in Last Year