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Episode #75 - Off the Cuff Rants of The Week!

This week, the guys discuss some cybersecurity trends, tips, and words to the wise that are timely and relevant in today's technology-centric world! They discuss: 

  • Are attacks ramping up and if so, why?
  • The pros and cons of spending your cybersecurity budget on Black Hat and DefCon
  • Why you need specific objectives in your penetration testing, not just the numbers
  • The wrong and right way to establish vendor relationships
  • And more! 

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Chinese Hackers Use New Windows Malware to Backdoor Govt, Defense Orgs

Vmware Warns of Public Exploit for Critical Auth Bypass Vulnerability

Slack Resets Passwords After Exposing Hashes in Invitation Links
Twitter Confirms Zero-Day Used to Expose Data of 5.4 Million Accounts
Twilio Discloses Data Breach After SMS Phishing Attack on Employees

Cloudflare Employees Also Hit by Hackers Behind Twilio Breach

Microsoft: Exchange ‘Extended Protection’ Needed to Fully Patch New Bugs

Microsoft Patches Windows Dogwalk Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks

Cisco Hacked by Yanluowang Ransomware Gang, 2.8GB Allegedly Stolen

Cisco Fixes Bug Allowing Rsa Private Key Theft on Asa, Ftd Devices

Snapchat, Amex Sites Abused in Microsoft 365 Phishing Attacks
 Three Ransomware Gangs Consecutively Attacked the Same Network
Automotive Supplier Breached by 3 Ransomware Gangs in 2 Weeks
New Dark Web Markets Claim Association With Criminal Cartels