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Episode #79 - Zeroish Trust

As technology's most widespread and trusted vendors are compromised, who can you really trust in today's environment? This week, the guys discuss attacks originating from compromised tech products, how the bad guys gain insider access, multi-factor authentication fatigue, and even a few hints at their love for Rick Astley.

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Mike's Headlines - 

App Developers Increasingly Targeted via Slack, DevOps Tools

Cyber Mercenary Group Void Balaur Continues Hack-For-Hire Campaigns

Lazarus Lures Aspiring Crypto Pros With Fake Exchange Job Postings
Cryptominers hijack $53 worth of system resources to earn $1

Your Guide to the Latest Email Fraud and Identity Deception Trends

Hackers use PowerPoint files for 'mouseover' malware delivery

LockBit Publishes Stolen Data as Hospital Rejects Extortion

Hackers Use NullMixer and SEO to Spread Malware More Efficiently
Adware on Google Play and Apple Store installed 13 million times
Health data theft at Physician’s Business Office impacts 197K patients:

American Airlines learned it was breached from phishing targets

HHS HC3 Warns Health Sector of Monkeypox Phishing Schemes

Sophos warns of new firewall RCE bug exploited in attacks

Ransomware Affiliates Adopt Data Destruction

Global Firms Deal with 51 Security Incidents Each Day