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Episode #90 Supercomputing with Ken Wiley

This week, the guys welcome IT leader Ken Wiley, who shares about cutting-edge work in the field of supercomputing, insights gained from a highly successful IT and cybersecurity career, plus some current tech trends to watch closely. 

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Mike's Headlines

Ransomware revenue drops 40.3% in 2022 as victims show less interest in paying up

Ransomware attacks persist in healthcare as impacts on patient safety rise

Security risks of ChatGPT and other AI text generators

The maintainers of the Git source code version control system urge to update the software to fix two critical vulnerabilities.

Popular email marketing and newsletter platform Mailchimp was hacked and the data of dozens of customers were exposed. 

Critical Microsoft Azure RCE flaw impacted multiple services

A couple of critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in Netcomm rourers, experts warn of their potential exploitation in the wild.

ICS Confronted by Attackers Armed With New Motives, Tactics, and Malware

ChatGPT Could Create Polymorphic Malware Wave, Researchers Warn

Cybercriminals Target Telecom Provider Networks

Initial Access Broker Market Booms, Posing Growing Threat to Enterprises

Crypto Exchange Founder Charged With Enabling Illegal Funds

Roaming Mantis Hacking Campaign adds DNS changer to Mobile App