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Episode #81 - An Unreasonable Fear of Cybersecurity Professionals

Unfortunately, there are some IT professionals who feel threatened when a 3rd party cybersecurity team is engaged. While it's the exception rather than the norm, there are both in-house and 3rd party IT professionals who become uncooperative, feeling as if security people are trying to poke holes in their work. While many IT professionals are very accepting of cybersecurity support, it should never be the case that anyone feels threatened. IT and cybersecurity are complementary disciplines. Good professionals not only strengthen the organization, they can even help each other grow in their own careers.  This week, the guys share stories about walls going up and tensions growing, how to break down emotional barriers and eliminate the fear for better collaboration, the different personality types, valid sources of concern among IT professionals, and why nobody should ever feel threatened when their organization brings in quality cybersecurity support.

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