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Episode #55 - The Joys of IR Plans & Security Questionnaires

This week, the guys discuss some of the bigger cybersecurity struggles for mid-market and emerging companies. Developing an effective incident response plan is a major challenge and when done incorrectly, can cause a lot of damage. The guys also share struggles SaaS companies face when they're inundated with cybersecurity questionnaires that are holding up the sales process.

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Episode #54 - What Our Crystal Ball Says About 2022

This week, the guys reunite for the first episode of 2022 by taking a look into the future. With their crystal ball of predictions, the guys look into the future of cybersecurity in terms of potential trends, exploits, and tips for you to stay ahead in the new year! 

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Episode #53 - Cyber Insurance - Can I Be Protected?

Cyber insurance is a critical part of any risk management program and something that every company must have. Finding the right policy with the proper coverage can be tricky and the major insurance companies are not always the best fit. This week the guys talk with cyber insurance expert, Tony Robbins, about the fundamentals you must know to properly protect your organization. They cover how to identify a good insurer, what questions to ask when getting your policy, and how cyber insurance must correspond with your incident response plan. 

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Episode #52: The Vast Capabilities of Open Source Intelligence

Cyber criminals can learn more about you than you ever realized. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) often exposes information that you didn't realize was available to the public. Cyber criminals use OSINT to find weak spots in cybersecurity and exploit employees through social engineering. This week, the guys unwrap the fact that while Open Source Intelligence can be detrimental in the wrong hands, there are OSINT cybersecurity tools and methodologies that can be used to better protect your organization. 

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Episode #51 - The Who's Who of Cybersecurity

If your organization is growing and is getting ready to build its own InfoSec team, this week's episode is for you. The guys discuss the "Who's Who" of cybersecurity, explaining the cybersecurity job titles and key players that growing organizations need when maturing their cybersecurity programs. From Chief Information Security Officers to Architects, Engineers, and Project Managers, the guys share who's who in each position, plus the required skill sets, responsibilities, and proper staffing models.

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Episode #50 - Compliance Vs. Security

Is being compliant the same as being secure? If you're meeting all the requirements, are you adequately protected? This week, the guys discuss the differences, nuances and overlaps between cybersecurity and compliance, plus how you can simplify alignment to multiple compliance requirements.  

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Episode #49 - Translating Cyber Risk to Dollars and Cents

Are your executives and board members struggling to understand cyber risk?  This week, the guys are joined by David Moon of Arx Nimbus, a company that turns cyber risk into the language that all business leaders understand. David shares how they translate cybersecurity into financial metrics that allow organizations to make better risk management decisions. The guys discuss how companies can create tremendous clarity around cyber risk, resulting in better support and resource allocation.

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Episode #48: What's Going Well in Cybersecurity Today? More than you might think...

This week the guys discuss the good steps forward that are making the cybersecurity industry strong, from awareness to technologies, education to growing the workforce. They share the silver linings in the turmoil, plus some areas for improvement in the industry.

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Episode #47 - Small Business Cybersecurity with David Baker

This week, the guys welcome a new member to the team, longtime technology professional, David Baker! They discuss his experience in helping small businesses with IT and security, plus the challenges SMBs are facing with new cybersecurity and compliance requirements. This episode is perfect for any businesses struggling with stepping into today's IT and cybersecurity standards.

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Episode #46 - Why Wireless Penetration Testing Matters

This week, The guys discuss Wireless Device Penetration testing, and reveal why not only any organization that has wireless devices needs to undergo a test, but also how potential household smart items that you may have could be at risk as well! 

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