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Episode #49 - Translating Cyber Risk to Dollars and Cents

Are your executives and board members struggling to understand cyber risk?  This week, the guys are joined by David Moon of Arx Nimbus, a company that turns cyber risk into the language that all business leaders understand. David shares how they translate cybersecurity into financial metrics that allow organizations to make better risk management decisions. The guys discuss how companies can create tremendous clarity around cyber risk, resulting in better support and resource allocation.

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Episode #48: What's Going Well in Cybersecurity Today? More than you might think...

This week the guys discuss the good steps forward that are making the cybersecurity industry strong, from awareness to technologies, education to growing the workforce. They share the silver linings in the turmoil, plus some areas for improvement in the industry.

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Episode #47 - Small Business Cybersecurity with David Baker

This week, the guys welcome a new member to the team, longtime technology professional, David Baker! They discuss his experience in helping small businesses with IT and security, plus the challenges SMBs are facing with new cybersecurity and compliance requirements. This episode is perfect for any businesses struggling with stepping into today's IT and cybersecurity standards.

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Episode #46 - Why Wireless Penetration Testing Matters

This week, The guys discuss Wireless Device Penetration testing, and reveal why not only any organization that has wireless devices needs to undergo a test, but also how potential household smart items that you may have could be at risk as well! 

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Episode #45 - Cyber Crime - Do People Care?

There is a lot of news about cyber attacks but the big question is, "Do people actually care?" This week the guys rant about cyber crime and how it affects people and companies who often don't care until it's too late. Through real-life examples, horror stories, and tips to help you stay protected, this episode is not one to miss! 

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Episode #44: What Is Silent Sector?

This week the guys share what Silent Sector is all about, from the origins of the company to what makes the services and methodologies stand apart. The guys share their "why" behind what they do and what they are working to change in the world of cybersecurity. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to know about Silent Sector at a deeper level.

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Episode #43 - Top 5 Tips for Personal Cyber Protection

This week, the guys share simple tips that individuals and very small businesses can use to protect themselves and their data from cyber criminals, even without any technical background or experience! These are the basic cybersecurity measures that everyone should follow.

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Episode #42 - Lessons and Silver Linings of the COVID Pandemic

This week the guys share what they saw in the cybersecurity and IT industries from the start of COVID to the current day. They share what went poorly as well as lessons learned and why our Nation's cybersecurity will come out stronger than pre-COVID.

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Episode #41 - Both Sides of the Vendor Vetting Process

For some organizations, vendor vetting for cyber risk management is a process that runs like a well-oiled machine. For most, it's a tedious and challenging nightmare. This week, the guys discuss the vendor vetting process from both sides, vetting your vendors and navigating the vetting process of your prospects. They share how organizations of all sizes can use the vetting process to their advantage.

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Episode #40 - Protect Your People From Themselves

This week, the guys discuss technical controls to protect your employees and protect your company from its own employees. From honest mistakes to gross negligence and malicious activity, proper protections minimize employee related cyber risk. The guys also share tips for configuring and issuing devices to your team members, which is especially critical for those working from home. 

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