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About Silent Sector

Get to know Silent Sector and you'll meet a team of passionate professionals that always put your and your organization first.
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    What We Do


    Until just a few years ago, we were busy protecting major organizations such as Wells Fargo, AAA and NASA from the inside. But we recognized that mid-market companies had limited access to cybersecurity resources and expertise, dangerously exposing them to cyber-attack. We created Silent Sector to address this threat by offering the expertise and customization of our enterprise experience to the mid-market organizations that need it most.

    We’re not just here to make a buck -- we’re here to make a difference. Mid-market organizations are the heart and soul of the US economy. Unfortunately, they are also the favorite target of cyber criminals because they are most vulnerable. Too often, budget limitations have forced mid-market organizations to settle for limited software instead of comprehensive, customized solution. But software isn’t the answer to cyber-security, human expertise is.

    Through our proprietary Expertise Impact methodology, we reduce costs with effective strategy, focusing on maximizing the value of the resources you already have. This gives you the power to attain solutions fully customized to your priorities, and the peace of mind to focus on profitability and growth.

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    Who We Are

    Silent Sector is an elite team of experienced and credentialed, US based cybersecurity professionals.  We have served a wide variety of organizations across many industries.  Each team member is hand-picked, credentialed, and vetted, forming a tight-knit group of experts that become an extension of your team.

    Our leadership's certifications include:
    CISSP, CRISC, CEH, CPT, PCI-P, CCNP +S, ITILV3, MCSE 1998, OSCP, CCIP, Security+, Network+, and more.

    Our Mission

    Silent Sector provides effective and accessible cybersecurity solutions that reduce cost and risk, while creating simplicity and a secured technology model.

    Our Vision

    Silent Sector brings cybersecurity out of the dark and murky, misunderstood place where it has been for so long. Our clients see cybersecurity as the asset that it is. Rather than being seen as an obligation, cybersecurity is recognized for growing revenue, building brand credibility, and creating a comfortable experience for the customers, staff, and stakeholders of performance driven organizations.

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    The plan and proposal for your ideal cybersecurity solution is just three quick steps away.
    1. Introduction Call
    2. Scoping Discussion
    3. Plan & Proposal Delivery


    Silent Sector's founders oversee all client projects and are backed by a team of vetted and credentialed, U.S. based cybersecurity professionals.
    Zach Fuller
    Partner, Head of Business Operations & Strategy
    Zach Fuller
    Partner, Head of Business Operations & Strategy

    Zach Fuller has built businesses in industries including website design, information marketing, ecommerce, real estate investment, private equity, and cybersecurity. He served as Green Beret in the U.S. Army, conducting highly sensitive combat operations in Afghanistan.  Zach was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and other decorations for his actions overseas. He later went into real estate investment and private equity, building an investor relations team for Caliber Companies and holding the role of Executive Vice President. He and his team raised well over $140,000,000 in private capital to fund residential and commercial real estate investments, making Caliber an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company in America. Zach is a founding partner of Silent Sector, where he is focused on changing the dynamic of the industry by showing the benefits and impact security brings to proactive organizations.

    Technical Certifications and Education:

    • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School Graduate
    • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    • CompTIA Security+
    • CompTIA Network+
    • CompTIA A+
    • Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP)
    Michael Rotondo
    Partner, Head of Compliance & Cybersecurity Operations
    Michael Rotondo
    Partner, Head of Compliance & Cybersecurity Operations

    Michael Rotondo has been engaged in all areas of IT over his 20+ year career which began with selling computer parts in the infancy of the IT industry during the era in the early 1990's and quickly transitioned to the operations side of the industry. Mike has been on the bleeding edge of technology in the Cyber Security Industry. Mike has held every position in IT from help desk to architect.

    Technical Certifications and Education:

    • CISSP-Certified Information Systems Security Professional
    • CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
    • CEH- Certified Ethical Hacker
    • CPT- Certified Penetration Tester
    • PCIP- PCI Professional
    • Member of ISC2 Phoenix Chapter
    Lauro Chavez
    Partner, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy & Research
    Lauro Chavez
    Partner, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy & Research

    Lauro developed an aptitude for computers & electronics at a young age. By age 10, he was experimenting with BASIC on an old Atari and by age 15 managing his own Windows NT domain at home. In high school he assisted teachers and students as a part of the high school computer help-desk team. After high school Lauro joined the US Army where he obtained more technical training in signal communications, cryptography, computer/network engineering and automation. It was during this advanced training that Lauro found he had an aptitude for identifying security flaws and stress testing applications and systems to validate integrity. Lauro provided system/network engineering and cyber-security support to U.S. Army base level communications networks and for sensitive missions during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. After eight years of active duty and an honorable discharge, Lauro began working for the Department of Defense.  He supported "black" projects like the Joint Strike Fighter and other highly sensitive endeavors being developed by the U.S. Air Force and NASA.

    Lauro went on to build his own cybersecurity consulting practice where he has helped over 40 organizations develop a cybersecurity program, maintain a strong security posture, and meet compliance initiatives such as PCI, COBIT, FIPS-140 and NIST.  His twenty plus years of experience spans the system/network engineering, architecture and GRC spaces. He is a founding partner of Silent Sector and privacy advocate.

    Technical Certifications and Education:

    • CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
    • Oracle Certified Expert - Oracle Solaris 10 Security Administrator
    • CCNP +S - Cisco Certified Network Professional + Security
    • PCI-P - Payment Card Industry Professional
    • OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional
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    Problem Solved!

    The case studies below show a few examples of organizations leveraging Silent Sector's unique processes and expertise to achieve far more in less time, using fewer resources.
    Rapidly Growing Software Company
    Requiring Cost Effective Penetration Testing
    A B2B software company had grown very quickly due to rapid market adoption of its innovative product. With the CTO and founding partner's growing responsibilities, as well as the growth of the development team, it was no longer possible ... Read More
    Multinational Technology Company
    Seeking Guidance for PCI-DSS Compliance
    A very large, prominent name in the technology world began to undergo Payment Card Industry certification (PCI DSS Compliance). During this process they identified they did not have adequate resources or expertise in this compliance framework. ... Read More
    Software as a Service Company
    Developing an Effective Cybersecurity Posture
    A small software as a service (SaaS) company found itself with very large Fortune 1000 clients wanting to use their services. When the large companies began negotiating initial contracts, the small SaaS company realized there was a demand ... Read More
    State Department of Insurance
    Suspected Malicious Employee
    A Department of Insurance for a Mid-Western state required a forensic investigation for alleged data theft. The courts required a 3rd party to ascertain what data was taken and the methods used to extract the data from the insurance department's ... Read More
    Medical Company
    Needed Immediate Clarity on a Vulnerability
    A medical device company with no internal cyber security structure ran into an issue when their customers began questioning the security of their products since they were used in large hospitals and connected to the hospitals networks ... Read More
    Regional Bank
    Short on Cybersecurity Staff and Guidance
    Due to personnel decisions, expanding business opportunities, as well as attrition a regional bank found itself with no senior staff to run their cybersecurity business.  It had been relying on contractors and consultants which cost an exorbitant ... Read More

    Why proactive organizations
    choose Silent Sector

    a completely new experience
    You’ll experience a refreshing difference when you meet the Silent Sector team.  You’ll only hear the facts and most effective solutions, rather than “what’s hot” in the media.   We believe in a logical approach.  We believe in “cybersecurity done right."
    Money should not be wasted on covering threats that are not real and vulnerabilities with no attack surface.  We focus time and resources on what really matters for your organization.
    We believe in bringing security out of the shadows by creating clarity and simplicity through education.  Our advisory and training helps your team adopt and maintain a secure mindset individually and in the workplace.
    Effective security should be within reach of a wide range of organizations, not just the Fortune 500.  We deliver a higher quality of service at a far lower cost than the large, world-wide firms can provide. 
    It is common in our industry for firms to advise their clients, then leave them with large to-do lists.   We know your time and resources are limited.  Let us handle tasks with a hands on approach, completing all requirements with your team, or independently as needed.
    Need to have a security discussion in a high value sales meeting?  We’ll be there!  Let us help you leverage your security investment to gain a competitive advantage and some extra sales firepower.
    We’ll help your organization build and keep the trust it deserves.  By studying others in your industry, we can help you describe how you stand apart with the security of your clients’ critical information.
    Our team understands the ever changing world of compliance requirements.  We also know how to navigate team and personality dynamics to ensure standards are achieved.
    As veterans of IT, cybersecurity, and military special operations, with experience from Fortune 500 companies to the battle fields of Afghanistan, our team clearly understands what is real and what drives results.
    We live for protecting great people and great organizations that create a positive impact in our society.  Getting to know each of our clients on an individual level lets us ensure that we're doing everything in our power to help them succeed.