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Identify technical risk and remediate to maximize security and maintain compliance.

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Proactive Pen Tests for Your On-Premise and Cloud-Based Systems

Silent Sector's industry-leading penetration tests are conducted by our in-house experienced and credentialed cybersecurity professionals, all based in the U.S. Whether testing a network, web application, wireless environment, or your entire organization, a Silent Sector pen test use both manual and automated techniques to help you avert risk before being compromised. Our pen tests will help you achieve client and compliance requirements by demonstrating proactive security measures.

We customize each penetration test to the organizations unique needs, environment, industry, timeline, and budget. Armed with enterprise-grade tools, our team stays current with threat feeds across multiple industries and technologies to ensure you are as prepared as possible for today's threats and the potential new threats on the horizon. 

Silent Sector's penetration test reports never have canned verbiage or automated outputs. Instead, each test is designed to support your objectives with high-level executive documentation and detailed technical information. Additionally, our Letter of Attestation contains only non-confidential information so you can share the results with customers and other interested 3rd parties.

We offer both the Red Team and Purple Team testing approaches based on the penetration test goals. Many clients prefer our Purple Team approach to educate and empower their IT professionals by demonstrating the warning signs of actual attack scenarios.  This creates a defense-in-depth strategy, helping your tech professionals strengthen your security posture continuously as they perform their roles.

Our pen test team follows up with a report review and thorough consultation to support remediation efforts after the completion of each test and report delivery. We will perform a retest to verify the success of remediation efforts. This additional step demonstrates a proactive approach to security, giving your clients and stakeholders peace of mind.

Our network penetration tests are highly customized and comprehensive while still being accessible to emerging and mid-market companies with restricted resources.

Common Scope Considerations:

  • Testing objectives and timeline
  • External testing, internal testing, or combination
  • Testing approach (black box/grey box/white box)
  • Complexity of environments (IPs, subnets, number of user roles, etc.)
  • Network segmentation
  • Compliance & customer requirements
  • Testing frequency (e.g. annually, bi-annually, quarterly, continuous)


Common Deliverables:

  • Executive and technical level reporting
  • Risk validation evidence
  • Scans and testing tool exports
  • Risk ranking
  • Prioritized remediation recommendations
  • Letter of Attestation for use with outside parties
  • Retest to confirm the success of remediation efforts
  • Consultation during and after testing activities


Due to the level of demand, penetration tests are generally scheduled 2-6 months in advance. Contact Silent Sector today to discuss penetration testing scope, strategy, and availability.

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A penetration test is also referred to as a "pen test," "white hat hacking," or "red teaming." Regardless of the name, a penetration test is simply a technical analysis of cyber risk. Penetration testers mirror the approach of cyber criminals, utilizing the same or similar tools and techniques to "hack" a client's technologies.

A quality penetration test identifies exploitable vulnerabilities that may lead to the compromise of a system and/or data. It provides a detailed look at risk exposure presented to an attacker while attempting to exploit your environment. Understanding what a malicious attacker sees allows an organization to remediate risk and strengthen the security posture.

An effective penetration test utilizes both automation and manual techniques for the most meaningful results. Fully automated penetration tests are available in the marketplace but reveal many false positives and vulnerabilities that are not nearly as critical as the tool would present with its logic limitations. The human expertise factor is vital to identify more advanced attack vectors while preventing time and budget being wasted on unnecessary remediation.

Penetration tests should always be customized to the nature of the organization, including its technology environment, size, goals, and compliance requirements. Due to the sensitive nature of the engagement, always ensure testing is conducted by credentialed and experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Based in Arizona and Idaho, Silent Sector provides industry-leading pen testing services to companies nationwide. Contact us to learn more and discuss availability.


Common Pen Test Stages & Activities
  • Introduction Discussion
  • Pen Test Scoping Discussion
  • Plan & Proposal Review Meeting
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Testing Box Configuration (internal network testing)
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Manual Exploit Validation
  • Risk Ranking
  • Evidence Collection
  • Executive & Technical Level Reporting
  • Ongoing Updates & Immediate Remediation Recommendations (Purple Team Approach)
  • ReTest to Confirm Successful Remediation
  • Post-Assessment Review Meeting
  • Risk Remediation Consultation
  • Non-Confidential Attestation Document
  • Discussions with Interested Stake Holders or Other Parties Upon Request
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