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Why The Government Isn't Joking About Bob the Pipe Bender's Cybersecurity

While there are an abundance of reasons to enforce cybersecurity requirements, it doesn't take long to understand why the DoD is concerned about even the smallest subcontractor's security posture.

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Cyber Criminals Don't Really Care About Your Personal Data

If you are an American citizen over the age of 30, it is almost guaranteed that your home address, date of birth, social security information, and much more personally identifiable information (PII) is already exposed and being sold on the darkweb.  While PII and credit card data is not quite a "dime a dozen", it's almost there.  Nowadays, your personal data is packaged with others' and is a commodity available in bulk to any cyber criminals wanting it.

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The Top 4 Cybersecurity Myths Small and Midsize Businesses Still Believe

Small and midsize businesses (SMB's) are the backbone of our economy.  They account for the majority of U.S. employment, provide most of the goods and services we use, and are absolutely essential for our way of life to exist.  We all recognize many of the names of the largest companies, but it is important to realize that they are supported by a supply chain of SMB's.

Unfortunately, an incredible misunderstanding exists among SMB's when it comes to their cybersecurity.  Even in 2018, many SMB executives still believe their companies are not exposed to the same cyber threats that large companies recognize.

As a country, we need to have a fundamental shift in our thinking around business risks related to technology.  We must embrace technology, as it is an absolute requirement that we leverage it as much as possible.  However, SMB leadership must accept the fact that cybersecurity is as much of a requirement as having insurance policies and basic accounting procedures.

These are the four most common cybersecurity myths among SMB's:

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