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Cybersecurity Compliance & Framework Solutions

Silent Sector provides gap assessments, advisory, consulting, and technical services to support cybersecurity compliance requirements and align to industry proven frameworks.

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Cybersecurity Solutions for Compliance and Framework Alignment

As compliance and cybersecurity frameworks continue to change, Silent Sector's team supports mid-market companies with meeting the rapidly evolving requirements.  Our approach to operationalize compliance simplifies the process, which reduces your time requirements and expenses along the way.

We offer a variety of compliance services ranging from complete framework alignment solutions and Next Gen vCISO services, to support with specific requirements such as penetration testing and governance documentation development.  We understand that an effective risk management program includes adhering to industry and legal compliance.  That is why our Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity® approach provides organizations with customized services, enabling alignment with a wide range of standards, laws, and industry regulations.

Silent Sector's team helps you develop the most resilient security posture possible with the technologies you already have.  This saves you time, costs, and unnecessary headaches.  We will guide and support you to remediate any shortcomings and develop lasting proactive security measures. 

Contact us to advance your cyber risk management program with proactive solutions designed specifically to meet your organization's needs.

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The plan and proposal for your ideal cybersecurity solution is just three quick steps away.
1. Introduction Call
2. Scoping Discussion
3. Plan & Proposal Delivery


EXPERTISE-DRIVEN Strategy, Assessment, and Support
  • Gap Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Documentation Review
  • Resource Assessments
  • Alignment Roadmaps
  • Security Program Management
  • Support for Internal InfoSec Teams
  • Control Implemenation
  • Policy, Procedure, and Standards Documentation
  • Consulting and Advisory
  • Compliance Requirement Mapping
  • Software and Hardware Configuration & Implementation


  • Penetration Testing
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
  • Governance Review
  • Documentation Maintenance
  • Staff Awareness Training
  • Next Gen vCISO Solutions
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IT Security Frameworks and IT Security Compliance are both similar in how they guide businesses in terms of their security stature. Both tell a company how they should manage their information, including who can view and store it. However, there are keys factors that make IT Security Frameworks and IT Security Compliance different. For example, IT Frameworks guide what a company should do and have in place, while allowing room for discretion and flexibility.  Meanwhile, IT Compliance dictates how a company needs to act and what standards must be followed. Compliance is often industry specific such as HIPAA for healthcare and FINRA for finance.  Compliance can also be specific to certain business requirement such as PCI-DSS for companies handling credit card transactions, regardless of industry.

While IT Security Frameworks are optional in many of cases, it is highly advisable that a company select and use an industry recognized framework.  Security frameworks act as a holistic guide and a foundational set of standards, most of which cover the requirements of common compliance policies.  Most companies find that aligning to a single cybersecurity framework makes it much easier for them to meet their various compliance requirements.

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