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Silent Sector simplifies and accelerates your PCI compliance process.

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PCI Force Multiplier™

The PCI Force Multiplier™ brings you seasoned compliance and technical experts, armed with business best practices and proprietary techniques.  Our team works with companies facing every level of PCI-DSS requirement, while creating a repeatable and cost effective methodology that organizations leverage for years to come.  Whether you run an entire compliance division, or are handling the duties yourself, Silent Sector's unique PCI Force Multiplier™ methodology reduces issues typically associated with compliance and accelerates progress.

From our years of compliance experience, we have observed that there is no need to pay for extra compliance dashboards and task management tools with false promises of making the process quicker.  What truly simplifies compliance is the support of experienced practitioners.  Our strategic and technical level experts will not only simplify the process, but reduce capital expenditures and create a repeatable method to maintain alignment with PCI-DSS requirements. 

From PCI scoping and self-assessment questionnaires, to risk assessment and pre-audit preparation, to representation through your PCI audit and systemizing your annual process, Silent Sector will provide the ideal solution for your company's PCI compliance objectives.

While Silent Sector is not a PCI QSA, there are many auditors choose from in the marketplace.  Instead, our certified PCI Professionals (PCI-P) prepare companies for their PCI audits and work with 3rd party auditors, providing expert representation throughout the process.  Our commitment is to advance your PCI compliance initiatives, leveraging proven strategy and expert resources, helping you get through audits and self-assessment questionnaires.

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The plan and proposal for your ideal cybersecurity solution is just three quick steps away.
1. Introduction Call
2. Scoping Discussion
3. Plan & Proposal Delivery


Strategy, preparation, and hands-on support for successful PCI Audits
  • PCI Gap Assessment
  • PCI Scoping & Requirements Determination
  • Network Penetration Testing (Internal & External)
  • Cloud Environment Pen Testing 
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Evidence Collection
  • PCI Professional (PCI-P) certified representation to work with 3rd party auditor
  • Control descriptions, evidence guidance, and justification


  • Compliance Operationalization
  • Governance documentation review & maintenance
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning
  • Control interpretation and guidance
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What is PCI-DSS Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is required for all vendors handling credit card payment transactions.  Enforcement is generally conducted by merchant banks.  PCI is broken into 4 levels, with each level based on the annual volume of credit card transactions processed.  Level 1 merchants process over 6 million cards annually, whereas Level 4 merchants process fewer than 1 million total with fewer than 20,000 via eCommerce.  Regardless of merchant level, PCI contains 12 overlapping control categories that need to be in place. These include the requirement for a firewall to be configured and installed, change of default passwords on all technologies, protection of cardholder data, encrypted transmission of cardholder data, up-to-date anti-virus software, application security and maintenance, cardholder data must be on a need-to-know basis, every person with computer access must be given an ID, physical access to the cardholder data must be restricted, all cardholder data and network resources must be tracked, security systems bust be tested regularly, and policy dealing with information security must be reviewed and maintained. The complexity of these controls will vary depending on the organization's merchant level.

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