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Episode #95 - The Legal Side of Cyber Protection

We all know that data breaches are nightmares and the legal ramifications can be far worse than the breach itself. So what can we do to protect ourselves? This week, Zach and Mike welcome attorney John Gray, Chair of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity of Lewis Roca, who specializes in Data Privacy law. He shares how companies can prepare in advance to reduce the legal ramifications often associated with cyber attacks. He also covers issues around nation-state threat actors and various malicious activities in today's environment.

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Episode #94 - Web Application Penetration Testing 101

Web applications are drastically different and like anything, are prone to vulnerabilities. Application penetration tests come in all shapes and sizes, some good, some bad, and some are not even penetration tests at all. This week, the guys share their insights about Web Application Penetration Testing and get what you need out of your next test! Do not miss this episode if you are planning a web application penetration test for the first time! 

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Episode #93 - SOC 2 Readiness - Part 3

As we get deeper into the SOC 2 Preparation series, the guys discuss the controls around monitoring activities, tracking deficiencies, and assessing results (CC 4). If a SOC 2 audit is in your future, be sure to catch all the SOC 2 audit readiness episodes! 

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Episode #92 - How to Prepare for Your SOC 2 Audit (Part 2)

This week, the guys continue their series on how to prepare for your SOC 2 audit by discussing controls in Section 3 of the Security Trust Services Criteria. If your organization is about to undergo a SOC 2 audit or looking into it, be sure to catch all the SOC 2 audit readiness episodes! 

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Episode #91 - How to Prepare for Your SOC 2 Audit (Part 1)

Planning to go through your very first SOC 2 audit? If so, this series will be a binge worthy and enlightening adventure! This week, the guys walk you through the first few SOC 2 audit requirements with a step-by-step approach. They share what your auditor will be looking for, tips to prepare, and the pitfalls that might catch you off guard.

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Episode #89 - The Cybersecurity Committee

The development of a cybersecurity committee will accelerate your company's alignment to a cybersecurity framework and compliance requirements. 

This week, the guys discuss why you may need a committee for your cybersecurity framework adoption, instead of leaving one person to lead the job. 

They also cover operational tempo with a 12-month calendar example to accelerate your progress and maintain compliance. 

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Episode #90 Supercomputing with Ken Wiley

This week, the guys welcome IT leader Ken Wiley, who shares about cutting-edge work in the field of supercomputing, insights gained from a highly successful IT and cybersecurity career, plus some current tech trends to watch closely. 

For more on Ken and Silverdraft, please see the links below.

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Episode #88 - New Year, New Insights (New You?)

This week, the guys talk about navigating the cybersecurity environment in 2023. From advancements and changes to cybersecurity practices, to economic conditions shifting budget priorities, to advancing your own career, this conversation is the primer for a great year! Start off strong and don't miss this episode!

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Episode #87 - Reshaping Cybersecurity Education with Ed Vasko

This week, the guys welcome cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur, Ed Vasko. Ed shares his insights from decades of experience and reveals a much-needed cybersecurity education model that he has built at Boise State University.  With the cybersecurity industry experiencing a severe talent shortage, Ed is answering the challenge by improving the education model with innovative programs that equip students with real-world, hands-on experience. Regardless of whether you're a student, educator, employer, or tech professional, don't miss this episode!

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Episode #86 - The Hard Truth About What You Can't Outsource

Sorry to say it, but nobody else can secure your organization from the outside. The reality is, every company has a significant amount of work that must be done internally (by real humans) to build an effective cybersecurity and compliance program. Be wise when looking at tools and services implying that they'll take care of your cybersecurity for you. This week, the guys discuss the hands-on internal requirements every company should consider when preparing to build a cybersecurity program for the first time. 

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