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Episode #54 - What Our Crystal Ball Says About 2022

This week, the guys reunite for the first episode of 2022 by taking a look into the future. With their crystal ball of predictions, the guys look into the future of cybersecurity in terms of potential trends, exploits, and tips for you to stay ahead in the new year! 

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Mike's Headlines:

Don't Copy-paste Commands from Webpages — You Can Get Hacked

Microsoft Releases Emergency Fix for Exchange Year 2022 Bug

Apple iOS Vulnerable to HomeKit 'DoorLock' Denial of Service Bug

SEGA Europe Left AWS S3 Bucket Unsecured Exposing Data and Infrastructure to Attack

NASA Director Twitter Account Hacked by Powerful Greek Army

Copycat and Fad Hackers Will be the Bane of Supply Chain Security in 2022

T-Mobile Confirms SIM Swapping Attacks Led to Breach

DDoS Attacks Against Online Gamers and the Damaging Ripple Effect

A Year in Microsoft Bugs: The Most Critical, Overlooked & Hard to Patch

7 of the Most Impactful Cybersecurity Incidents of 2021

Purple Fox Malware Distributed via Malicious Telegram Installers

Broward Health Discloses Data Breach Affecting 1.3 Million People

Hospitality Chain McMenamins Discloses Data Breach after Ransomware Attack

Log4j Flaw Attack Levels Remain High, Microsoft Warns

Cyberattack Against UK Ministry of Defence Training Academy Revealed

Money Launderers Get 33 Years for £70m Criminal Scheme

Instagram Copyright Infringment Scams – Don’t Get Sucked In!

Log4j Highlights Need for Better Handle on Software Dependencies

Breaking the Habit: Top 10 Bad Cybersecurity Habits to Shed in 2022

Not IT vs OT, but IT and OT

‘Elephant Beetle’ Spends Months in Victim Networks to Divert Transactions

iOS Malware Can Fake iPhone Shut Downs to Snoop on Camera, Microphone

Microsoft Code-sign Check Bypassed to Drop Zloader Malware

FTC Warns Legal Action Against Businesses Who Fail to Mitigate Log4J Attacks

Researchers Used Electromagnetic Signals to Classify Malware Infecting IoT Devices

Attackers Abused Cloud Video Platform to Inject an E-skimmer into 100 Real Estate Sites

Morgan Stanley Agrees to $60 Million Settlement in Data Breach Lawsuit

Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

McMenamins Breach Affected 23 Years of Employee Data

5 Ways Hackers Steal Passwords (and how to stop them)

FBI Warns About Ongoing Google Voice Authentication Scams

Google Docs Commenting Feature Exploited for Spear-phishing

VMware Fixed CVE-2021-22045 Heap-overflow in Workstation, Fusion and ESXi

France Hits Google, Facebook with Fines Over ‘Cookies’ Management

Log4j Flaw Hunt Shows How Complicated the Software Supply Chain Really Is

Kazakhstan Leaders Shut Down Internet Amid Gas Price Protests

Ny AG Notifies 17 Companies of Breaches, Says 1.1 Million Accounts Compromised in Attacks

 The Colonial Pipeline Attack Eight Months On

Tek Fog: An App With BJP Footprints for Cyber Troops to Automate Hate, Manipulate Trends

Log4Shell Vulnerabilities in VMware Horizon Targeted to Install Web Shells