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Episode #70 - Securing Complex Organizations and Subsidiaries

Building and managing a cybersecurity program can be confusing for organizations with multiple product lines, subsidiaries, or industry divisions. How do you manage security across all business units? What can you do to set standards that the entire organization follows? How do you control the quality of the cyber risk management practices through different cultures? This week, the guys answer these questions and more, discussing the various aspects of implementing, assessing, managing, and normalizing cybersecurity across a complex organization. 

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Mike's Headlines:

POOR PASSWORD CHOICES CONTINUE INTO 2022: Don't use these passwords: These are the 10 logins most regularly found for sale online

Bluetooth Signals Can Be Used to Track Smartphones, Say Researchers
Chinese Hackers Distribute Backdoored Web3 Wallets for iOS and Android Users
New Vytal Chrome Extension Hides Location info that your VPN Can't

Linux Malware Deemed ‘Nearly Impossible’ to Detect

Microsoft Office 365 Feature Can Help Cloud Ransomware Attacks

Citrix fixed a Critical Flaw in Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM), Tracked as CVE-2022-27511, That Can Allow Attackers to Reset Admin Passwords
Cisco Secure Email Bug Can Let Attackers Bypass Authentication

Gallium Hackers Backdoor Finance, Govt Orgs Using new PingPull Malware
HelloXD Ransomware Operators Install MicroBackdoor on Target Systems
Using WiFi Connection Probe Requests to Track Users
Kaiser Permanente Data Breach Exposes Health Data of 69K People
SeaFlower Campaign Distributes Backdoored Versions of Web3 Wallets to Steal Seed Phrases
Strong Passwords Still a Priority Strategy for Enterprises
Russia Warns of Military Action If US Attacks Infrastructure
Researchers Discovered a New Golang-Based Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Botnet, Dubbed Panchan, Targeting Linux Servers in the Education Sector Since March 2022.